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Collaborating with brands and companies that share a similar vision of inspiring health and wellness in a holistic way is one of my favorite hobbies! If you have a brand or product that you think my readers would appreciate or enjoy, please contact me and let's create together!


clean cause energy drinks

The mission of Clean Cause is CLEAN and simple: to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Believe it or not: Every 10 minutes someone dies from overdose. Clean Cause is actively helping to make this statistic shrink by the minute! Not only does the drink fuel you with clean energy all day (ingredients include: USDA organic certified, only 20 calories per can (4 grams of sugar), enriched with Goji and Acai antioxidants and topped off with 60 mg of green coffee bean extract) but 50% of the profit goes to fund “CLEAN Kickstarts,” scholarships that cover rent in sober living homes. The goal is to give individuals fresh out of rehab the chance to focus on establishing a recovery support system and securing employment - two elements believed to contribute greatly to longterm recovery.

As of February 2017, Clean Cause has awarded 94 sober living scholarships. 

Help support this incredible cause here

chapul cricket protein bars

Did you know insects use just a fraction of the water and land resources to produce than traditional livestock? 

Chapul uses an ancient protein source: edible insects, aka cricket powder, in their protein bars. Cricket flour contains a high amount of prebiotic fiber which is an excellent way to proliferate the diversity of gut microbes in your body. Yay, gut health! Chapul represents a growing food revolution intent on increasing the health of our food resources for our children and for the planet. Plus! They donate 1% of sales to the conservation of the planet! Check out my smoothie bowl with their incredibly delicious matcha green tea bar! Want to try for yourself? Bug out here!


wildbrine live shots - 14 day challenge 

Wildbrine is the gold-standard for everything fermented and delicious! When they contacted me about trying their new line of Kimchi LIVE shots, I didn't hesitate! The benefits of consuming fermented veggies like sauerkraut and kimchi are numerous, and the results of my 14-day challenge were better than expected. Gut health is the name of the game, folks! Heal your gut, heal your brain, heal your life.

Get started on improving your gut health here!