G+H Essential Oils Business Opportunity

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Two years ago

I attended the Nashville Rock 'n Roll Marathon expo and saw a crowd of poeple at the DoTERRA table smelling and applying oils all over thier bodies. They looked intrigued, excited and energized. I wanted some of what they were having! 

After trying out some of the popular oils, I realized how much better I felt physically and emotionally, within days! I've tried all kinds of supplements and bio-hacking foods/drinks in an effort to improve my health and reach my highest potential, but nothing has been as effective (and safe) as DoTERRA essential oils.

I was unsure about the business opportunity, because I've had not so great experiences with network marking companies in the past. So I decided to just purchase the oils and not pursue the business aspect. A few months ago, I realized after seeing more and more information on the power of essential oils (and some of my friends start to make a lot of money selling the oils) I decided it was time to give this opportunity a chance! I was introduced to two amazing women that have similar values and goals. My leader has been such an amazing mentor, a supporter of my vision and a true friend

DoTERRA as a company has blown me away with thier social responsiblity and ways of giving back to our world, in order to make our planet a better place!


This opportunity is for you if:


  • you are passionate about being of service to others
  • personal development excites you
  • you are obsessed with wellness and living your best life
  • you lead with your vision and values, and not your fear (or you'd like to!)
  • having another stream of income makes you want to do a happy dance
  • you’d like to surround yourself with some pretty amazing, badass women, if I do say so myself1
  • you believe that trusting the process is part of the beauty of life


Learn more about our tribe! (coming soon!)

Are you Ready to Create Your Own Business?

How it works:

The G+H essential oil training is open exclusively to those who have enrolled (or wish to enroll) on my DoTERRA team.

With this program, you’ll receive weekly one-one-one mastermind calls with yours truly, team calls once a month, 24/7 support in our private Facebook community, and all the tools you need to create the financial abundance and work/life balance you crave.

This opportunity is not for: those who aren’t willing to do the work or step outside of their comfort zone (on your own time!). If the fear around network marketing is too strong – you must choose to lean in and trust the process or leave it behind. I am seeking women that are 100% committed!