Better Together

I truly believe everything in life is better when you're sharing the moment with others. Conversations shared over a home cooked meal or ice cream cone at the neighborhood dairy dip are so much more meaningful when shared with people you love. These "little moments" are the big memories that give us purpose and put meaning in our lives. It's these experiences that we remember long after that person has left our life. Even better, sharing our world and love with strangers with no expectation of anything in return. Those moments build character, give us fulfillment and contentment - something so ordinary, but yet so rare, in today's world. 



Volunteer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task

G+H meaning: a person who offers their time and energy and ends up getting so much more in return (bigger heart, more connection, higher sense of purpose)

I also firmly believe in order to help make the world a better place, we have to give of ourselves even when it's not convenient or comfortable. Getting my hands dirty to help my fellow (wo)man is what makes my heart swell. 



Sharing what is on my heart and communicating in a way that inspires and motivates others to transform their life for the better is my forte. In fact, I think I came out of the womb talking! I have lived a lot of LIFE in my thirty years on this planet.

Some experiences more anticipated than others, but all of them have made me stronger and more passionate to live my life to the fullest. My story is that of brokenness and pain, physically and emotionally, and one that provides HOPE. 

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I enjoy working with companies in promoting their brands and products in an authentic way. If you are looking to promote your brand or product to appeal to an audience that puts their health and wellness first and foremost, and our values and mission align, I'd be glad to share what you have to offer with my followers and readers.


Share your story!

Despite what society tells you, your failures and scars are BEAUTIFUL! To hear your authenticity and read your testimony would make my heart so full! Show me where you fell and skinned your knees - your imperfection IS your perfection. This world doesn't need any more 'perfect' people, we need the real, raw, honest TRUTH about who you are, why you're here and how you can me this world a better place. Be brave, love! Go from anonymous to NECESSARY. Click HERE to share!