Let's Collab!

I love collaborating with brands and products that promote health and well-being from a hollistic perspective. If you have a product or service that helps others live thier best life possible in thier mind, body, and spirit, and better yet - gives back to the community, then we should chat

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Further Food

There a few foods and supplements that I am that annoying person and promote on the reg. Further Food is definitely one of them. I've been an avid collagen consumer the past few years. Why? Our bodies produce less collagen as we age so consuming collagen on a regular basis can help reduce wrinkles and improving the hallmarks of skin aging. I have noticed an improvement in my hair and nails as well. One of the easiest ways to enjoy it? Add two scoops to your morning coffee, matcha or tea for that Insta-worthy froth. I'm also loving thier daily tumeric tonic with adaptogens and superfoods like schisandra. Plus - Further Food's mission is help improve the lives of others and a portion of the proceeds are given back to the Further community to fund this mission and to fund various scholarship and non-profit initiatives. Try it out for yourself here!

Use promo code: GETHEALTHY10 for 10% off your order. #GoFurther #EatBetter

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Health Warrior Ambassador

As a Health Warrior Ambassador, I spread the word about the power of superfoods and Health Warrior bars health benefits! Use code: GETHEALTHY61530 for 30% off your order of Health Warrior bars here!  P.S. The pumpkin seed tumeric bars are amazing!


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